I have a genuine obsession with music from the 2000s: I call that era “middle school swag”. Before we turn over for 2015, I will leave you guys with a brilliant bootleg of T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne’s 2008 classic song “Can’t Believe It” from T-Pain’s Thr33 Ringz album. y//2//k is one of my favorite SC users that I started listening to late this year. “believe” sounds like a super suave and classy version of the original. That piano is such a solid touch.


I remember the days when Proximity was still Pandoric and I was on that site every day. RIP Pandoric. Peking Duk’s remix of “Old Pine” was one of the songs that I discovered from Pandoric and it’s still one of my favorite “feel-good” songs that I listen to today. I miss the old pandoric website because it was just so easy to discover amazing music. I guess things have to move forward but listening to this song brings back some great memories and warm feelings.

This one is an oldie but future funk NEVER DIES. Knight One’s “Kiss” was released back in 2011 but it still rocking my future funk playlist so love it. Not too sure what’s new with Knight One but I will search into it and relay my findings in 2015. THERE’S A KISS…

I thought that I’d pop in before New Years to drop a few tracks before people think that I’ve gone inactive. I’m still debating whether or not to do a “Favorites” list because there was just so much great music released this year that I wasn’t sure if I could get them all but we shall see this or next week.

I’ve been enjoying Pomo’s tracks for the past two weeks and the last time I posted up a Pomo track was 7 months ago. I’m really on top of this music industry as you can see. Anyway, Pomo’s “Aerobix” was featured on THUMP Canada in April…still a pretty club-y song. Perfect for all you people going to Las Vegas for NYE.

Tagging future funk is hard work. But a small sacrifice for the great music. I’ve been a HUGE fan of SUPERSEX420 for months now and I just love it. “セクシーなバウンスBOOTYBOUNCE” is an oldie from March but this stuff is timeless. So many kanji characters (~.~)/

Last week, Luca Lush and Josh Pan teamed up to make a beautiful masterpiece: “Get It On”. With some heavy synth, Lush and Pan create a truly magnificent piece of future house and trap track. The Marvin Gaye samples give this pure electronic track a flare of soul. A very high energy piece that emits a ball of energy.

Vampire Diaries actor Michael Malarkey will be releasing upcoming EP Feed the Flames on Jan 8, 2015. I, personally, have no interest in Vampire Diaries but I do enjoy some solid indie folk music. “Through The Night and Back Again” is the single taken off of the upcoming EP and it has a lovely and gentle tune to it, almost making it sound like the song itself is fragile. I like the minimal percussion in the background and how Malarkey’s voice melts with the guitar. The simpleness in “Through The Night and Back Again” is its beauty.