Ok one more track before I send you all off for a stellar weekend. Cavalier remixed “Lifestyle” by Rich Gang into a sparkly little electronic track for us. Personally, I love the drops in this track and the prominence of the hip hop beats. To keep it concise, this is an awesome remix and the combination of hip hop and electronica is stellar.


Happy pre-turkey day. I have to say that jazz and hip hop is one of the best combinations in music history. Besides geniuses like King Krule, Emapea also seems to have a knack for creating tracks that create the perfect atmosphere when you listen to their song. “Laka” has the funk of hip hop that gives the track a little spice but the jazz gives it class. The saxophone on this mix sends shivers down my spine. The dynamic between all the elements and samples in this mix really is superb.

So I think I’m just going to post today and take a break (damn you college apps). To keep my cool exterior extra cool, shini gvmi’s “left my teddy at the beach” get me into that mindset. I think I would call it a downtempo mix with some beachy vibes. The muted but prominent beachy sounds are an excellent touch to the song. It’s a little bit sad but very mellow, and the overall mix of the song is 10/10.

It’s been quite some time since Mom Tudie was featured on AR but no fear, he is back with a super smooth song collab with Giorgia Lo titled “Nothing More To Say”. Overall, I think Mom Tudie is just awesome at mixing smooth electronic with jazz elements, creating a suave environment when you listen to his music. Giorgia Lo’s vocals have a nice soft edge to them that compliments the mellow vibe that Mom Tudie has with this particular mix. If I am not mistaken, I believe he will be releasing another track soon.

What to heck. I haven’t posted stuff from Keats Collective in forever. Keats honestly puts together some of the best compilations ever on the internet. マクロスMACROSS 82-99’s “バニラと美里BIG CITY NIGHTS” came out a while ago but no harm in revisiting the past! Take a listen to this funkalicious track and I hope you guys have a stellar weekend!

Sometimes there are just no words to describe music except for the fact that I like what I’m listening to. Take a listen to Ollygon’s flip of “Bae” by Polar Youth. Hope ya’ll are having a swell-tastic Friday so far.

I love, love, LOVE singer-songwriter/indie folk pop songs. Giving AR some holiday spirit is an indie folk pop band from Boston, MA, Dan and The Wildfire. “Buzzard” is the leading single off of the band’s upcoming album Bull Moose, which is set to be released in March 2015. “Buzzard” has the nice, sweet melody of indie folk songs that makes your heart do a little tap-dance, especially near the holiday season. The light lyrics give the song a delicacy that I love, and the indie folk twang of the singer-songwriter genre gives “Buzzard” a nice accent of hominess.

Connect with Dan and The Wildfire:

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