I gotta leave this week with a Kanye remix. Check out this sweet little thing J Mapes did with “Bound 2”. Happy Halloween! I love all of you very much and stay safe 🙂


Time to give Flamingosis a solo feature this week. To get us in a spooky, fall mood, here is his newest track “Never Again”. It kind of has a high-society jazz feel to it. If you’ve ever seen the show Class of 2000, this sounds like one of the jazz pieces called “Blue” or something. I love the low melody and the steady rhythm of the piece.

Pretty sure there are going to be some crazy ass parties going on today…no that’s a guarantee. If you are DJ’ing, make sure to add Lucian’s newest mix titled “Better Off Without You” to your set tonight. I’ve been featuring Lucian for a couple of months now, and he never fails to impress with his clean and smooth style. Definitely be on the look out next month for some new tracks.

Sorry about yesterday ~ I definitely meant to post up more stuff but I blanked out a little. But Happy Halloween my pumpkins! I would love to post some spooky tracks up but I really don’t know what would be deemed spooky.

I’ve been in a rap phase lately because why the hell not. NYU student Jordan Chude released his third single “Up” this week. I love the easy-going vibe on this because “hardcore rap” usually scares the crap out of me. The beat and samples on this are minimal but it adds to beauty of plain rapping over a beat, like the good old 90s hip hop. Along with the original single is a clean version for our innocent listeners.

Connect with Jordan Chude:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

I know that I usually do electronic and indie music but it’s always nice to appreciate to all sorts of genres. To start off this nice October morning is Claude Coleman Jr., under his solo project name amandla. His new single “Laughing Hearts” has the breezy sounds of 70s soft rock. The Ween drummer is bringing back the music style that both my dad and I love. “Laughing Hearts” has excellent rhythm and a smooth modern twist of the oldies…like a modern version of Chicago and America.

This post was actually going to be a solo piece on Flamingosis…and then delved deeper and found out about a label called alaya. And then I fell in love. I don’t even know what to say about this issue except for the fact that it sounds so amazing. Every song sounds so different but there is something that connects them all together into such a fantastic compilation. What can say except that this is the package deal. There’s dream pop, future funk, smooth electronic, and just about anything.

Everything about this label is perfect too. I’ve been creeping on the site for 30 minutes and the music coverage is indie galore. This is a label to keep your eye out for.

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter

I am infatuated with Archy Marshall. Forever and always. I was roaming around on the web yesterday and finally explored some of his music under the moniker Edgar the Beatmaker. Off of his early 2013 release Ode to Dunstan is a little track titled “4:44”. The rough recording gives it the Archy Marshall charm of raw vocals. As usual, the beats on this track are so utterly smooth. I was going to post up the YouTube video but it’s easier for my Hypem followers if I post Soundclouds. I’ll probably post another Archy song on Friday to keep things spooky.