If only every day were Future Funk Fridays. It is something to look forward to on the weekend so we’ll keep it extra special. It’s Tuesday though, and we need a morality boost. Take a listen to “Sunshine” by Ernst Jr. for some groovy but mellow tunes. If you want, you can download this sound at Keats Collective’s bandcamp, and if you browse a little, you’ll find some excellent artists and albums to add to your iTunes library.


I had an extremely fulfilling weekend in vaporwave/future funk this weekend. Throwback Tuesday to Saint Pepsi’s collaboration with Luxury Elite 2013 album Late Night Delight. Take a listen to Saint Pepsi’s “Mac Tonight!” and imagine dancing on top of a huge Big Mac. If you need a little inspiration, I’ve embedded the music video for Saint Pepsi’s “Enjoy Yourself” down below. McDonald’s had some pretty jazzy commercials in the past.

Bon Iver/James Vincent McMorrow fans, here is a treat for you. Australian artist Hayden Calnin recently released a new single titled “I Corrupt”, which is taken off of his upcoming EP Oh, Hunter. The single combines dramatic electronic elements with Calnin’s wonderfully ghostly voice. The vibe is very fragile but sincere at the same time.

Oh, Hunter will be released on October 20.

Time to celebrate because I posted five days in a row this week. It doesn’t get better than this guys…time to lower your expectations. We are going to start off this groovy Friday with a mix by Flamingosis and YUNG BAE titled “Wanna Be There”. I’m pretty sure that there are samples from Osamu Ansai’s “Woman”. You can check out the equally funky original down below.

I fucking love Trippy Turtle. This is the type of music that you will have to try to be a huge Debbie Downer to not want to dance to. That was wordy. I’ve been diving into some of Trippy’s work from last year and I wish that he would release more songs on Soundcloud! Check out the track “Southside Deep” which is love making-worthy (because there is a difference between making love, fucking, and having sex). Can I get a private show from Trippy Turtle? We can chill in his turtle shell together 😉

I actually have no idea what I’m doing. But I do know some pretty cool music when I hear it. Gold Dash is a Future House/Jersey Club duo from Nashville, TN. I’ve definitely heard of Jersey Club before…not sure what entails in the genre but I do like what I’m hearing. Check out Gold Dash’s newest mix “Think’n Bout U” that just went live yesterday. It is also conveniently free for you to download so you can slip it in a DJ set and impress all your friends for staying ahead of the curve.

Connect with Gold Dash:

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Seattle indie rock duo Duke Evers just released their new EP Handful of Pennies yesterday and it is raving. This powerful duo is bringing back the good old Kings of Leon vibe with their fast-paced tunes and catchy lyrics. Their music will get your foot tapping in no time. If you need a tune for your 90s inspired montage, “Dancer” is an excellent choice with it’s more lax vibe. Take a listen to these modern rockers and rock away from your troubles.