Ain’t a weekend without Dj JD Sports. Please lull me to sleep. This track is just too damn smooth.


I’m going to sleep this weekend. I assume some people will party hard since for most people, it’s the last weekend before they go back to school. That turtle is trippy.

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted Spazzkid on here. His Promise EP is definitely one of the summer’s greatest releases in my book. I’m so far away from mainstream music that I don’t even hear any *relief*. Check out P.SUS’ ├╝ber kawaii remix of “Kokeshi Doll”, which was in Spazzkid’s 2013 album Desire.

I’ve been listening to Harrison more than usual this past week because his music keeps me sane. I’d like to have some sanity still…anyway he just bought a bunch of free downloads on his bandcamp so we can all bask in his superb music. Take a listen to “Help Yourself To My Love” and check out some of his other stuff on BC.