I love Harrison (probably quite evident with how many times I’ve posted his music). His remixes and his original stuff always sound amazing, and he’s remixed one of my favourite Mariah Carey songs: “Touch My Body”. Or touch my butt. I mean have you seen that Korean kid singing this song? It’s hilarious.


The Map Room: ‘The Map Room’

I’m genuinely still impressed with the music I find on Pandora because I’ve explored so much of what I’ve listened to that I don’t really find anything new. Last night, Pandora put on a song titled “Pilot” by a New Zealand band called The Map Room. I’ve never really delved into the atmospheric indie side of the music world before but after listening The Map Room’s S/T debut album, I really liked it. It’s a little bit beach pop and a whole lot of alternative indie. A seriously superb album, The Map Room is a great addition to my iTunes. It’s hard to choose favourites but I guess “Pilot” will be my favourite because it’s the song that introduced me to the band.

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Interview with Lisa Schumann

Last week, I featured Lisa Schumann’s EP Be Bold and I’ve had the utmost pleasure of interviewing her! Read it below:

Be Bold is your first debut EP! Many congratulations for a beautifully three track EP. The EP has a very cinematic feel to it. What were the main influences and inspirations for the instrumentals in each track?

Thank you! I love experimenting with different instruments and loops; layering them up, distorting them, changing their sound. Main inspiration for them was the underlying feeling I had for each of them. In “Sister” for example, it was all about creating an atmosphere of danger and hope at the same time.

“Standstill” is actually my second favourite track on the EP (behind “Widow”). Is there a story behind this track?

Standstill was with me for a quite a while, but I only finished it on my road trip to England. It is about the moment in which you realize you have been petrified in the face of the storms that came your way. But most of all, it stands for freeing yourself from the chains that tie you to another person.

Was there a specific statement or thought process you had while making this EP?

Making this EP was all about finally being bold enough to truly be me. I found a picture with the words “BE BOLD” on it, in the background a mountain landscape. It felt like a call to finally put it out there, put me out there. And it has been my mantra ever since.

With the release of your debut EP, are you working on any other projects? Perhaps an album?

We will be releasing a music video in the next couple of weeks. I am very excited about this video project as I had the chance to work with the fantastic Marcus Waterloo, a London filmmaker. We incorporated tribal vibes, lost houses and dark forests.

Are there any artists or bands you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

My greatest inspiration is Florence & The Machine with her dark vibes and beautifully odd lyrics. I would love to collaborate with her. Other bands I would like to work with are Alt-J, FKA-Twigs and BANKS.

Do you have a current favourite “summer song” that’ll keep you pumped up for the summer?

“Free” by Rudimental feat. Emeli Sandé. I absolutely love this tune, it feels so powerful, monumental, encouraging. Rudimental are a great inspiration; amazing production and vibe!

VintageBoy is seriously some talented dude. I’ve listened to several of his songs on Soundcloud already and they’re flipping amazing. Check out his latest track “crazy 4 u”, bringing back some of the 90s good-ole slow jams. A very suave track.

Always a fan of girl bands (I was a very early fan of Haim as well). A Sydney-based band, Little May, released their newest single “Dust” on June 23. What an extraordinary single! Great vocals, great lyrics, and superb instrumental basis. What more can you ask? There’s just a hue of delicacy in the way these women sing and it just empowers you to do something. ANYTHING!

We like Fridays. Everybody likes Fridays. But if you are having a particularly terrible Friday, take a listen to “Where The Rainbows Meet” by Temilia and the Passions. I love the melody in this song because it’s a bit sullen and Temilia’s voice is utterly mesmerizing. Oh and the lyrics are pretty darn awesome too.

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WHAT IS POOLWAVE? I’ve literally heard that genre for the first time when I listened to “Runnin’” by Navigateur on Soundcloud. I love what I’m listening to because the track sounds so sparkly and kawaii-ish, even though the artwork looks a little demonic. I will listen to this song as a float in a pool. I can already picture myself swimming in crystal clear, aquamarine pools.