Free Download — Beach Day: “Dracula’s Daughter”

(by Christina Mendenhall)

Beach rock fans or The Growlers fans, “Dracula’s Daughter” by Beach Day will surely bring the beach goth mood this summer (I’ve used the word beach four times now). I haven’t posted up something from Rolling Stone in some time (mostly because its free downloads are in need of some updating…) but Beach Day helped redeem the site a bit. I think Beach Goth is a some kind of music fest thing in LA or something…this could probably fit in.

Download “Dracula’s Daughter” (via Rolling Stone)


I’m not sure if I’ve posted about Bedroom on here before but if not, bask in his awesomeness with “Nothing Lasts”. Bedroom posted it on his soundcloud 7 months ago but whatever, the song is still awesome. He’s definitely one of the few that makes good shoegaze music with a hint of beachy instrumentals and straggly vocals.

I am insanely obsessed with Prince Innocence at the moment and I’ve been listening to “To My Right” nonstop for the past three days. Talvi’s gorgeous vocals and Josh’s impeccable mastering of the synths are the perfect combo. Check out their super hip video for it:


Prince Innocence – To My Right from Pretty Pretty Records on Vimeo.

I was on a rap craze a few weeks ago but I found some pretty awesome stuff during that craze. One of which is “Loosen Up” by Astral Bird & The Nameless Vagrant. The beat and electronica are awesome on this track and The Nameless Vagrant’s rap is pretty on point. Astral Bird has some other cool stuff on his soundcloud, mostly just experimental instrumentals with a bit jazz infused in them.

You know those slower songs that build up so much emotion that people pull out lighters and do a slow wave thing at concerts, “Apple of My Eye” would be one of those songs. Taken off of Tucker Jameson’s Light Up The Night, “Apple of My Eye” is the song that would end a perfect concert and everyone would be in an emotional wreck because the concert was brilliant. Jameson’s crooning will bring about feelings that you thought that you’d forgotten.

Interview with Old Man Canyon

Old Man Canyon has made a few appearances on AR and this week, we are back with an interview with band member Jett!

It’s awesome that your music has been featured on shows like MTV’s Awkward. and USA’s Suits. Do any of you guys watch these shows and just think “Hey, I’m in these band”?

Jett: Its been a pretty cool process to have the music featured in these big shows, its helped gain a lot of support from people that it may have taken a lot longer to reach without it. And ya I’ve always been a fan of Suits, so it was extra awesome to have a song be in it. 

Compared to “Wiser”, “Phantoms and Friends” has a more solemn vibe to it. What’s the inspiration behind this song?

Jett: Phantoms and Friends was really born from my frustration with the world, and the pressure we all face as individuals to become something that often doesn’t serve our dreams. I was in a place in life where I just wanted to break free of the limitations everything and everyone imposes, and I guess I hope that the song conveys that and maybe allows others to wake up to that realization too.

As a folk-y sort of band, is it hard to write songs? Bands like Mumford and Sons write songs that sound similar to each other, but you guys do a pretty good job of writing unique songs. 

Jett: Well for one, I don’t consider myself folk at all, Ill admit the EP had some folkier sounds to it, but my song writing has evolved so much since then and has become something so different all together, that I don’t like to put my style into a format. So to answer your question its not hard to write new songs. I try not to think about making a certain sounding song or if it fits with others, I just go with what feels right. The new album is going to be a lot different, much more upbeat and groove based, with no acoustic guitars, much more electronic elements like vintage synths and psychedelic guitar riffs. Im really excited to get it out. 

What is your favorite “summer song” that’ll get you pumped for your summer endeavors? 

Jett:  haha I’m not to sure yet, haven’t had anytime to listen to music, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Are there any artists you want to collaborate with in the future?

Jett: Collaboration is really all I want to do. And ya theres a ton of artists I’m really wanting to co-create with. Hoping to get some stuff done with Colyn Cameron from Wake Owl this summer. 

You guys are coming to LA on June 12 to play a show at the Hotel Café. Is this your first time in LA? What will you guys be doing before the show?

Jett: This will be our first time in LA, we are super excited. Not sure what we’ll be doing before the show, any ideas?

Do you have any upcoming plans and projects? 

Jett: Theres a lot of plans right now, first is to record this new album in October after touring has slowed down a bit, then hopefully get some music done outside of OMC with others. Its going to be a busy year 🙂