I am obsessed with Donovan Blanc. The band just released its second single “Hungry A Long Time”, which is taken off of its upcoming self-titled debut out June 24th. Donovan Blanc’s first single “Minha Menina” stunned me with its light-psychedelic rock feel. Both singles are a trip back to the late 1960s/early 1970s rock scene but I’m especially reminded of Fleetwood Mac with “Hungry A Long Time”. The silky vocals layered on top the hypnotic mix of instruments sounds simply divine.


I feel like I hardly post any electronica on the blog anymore. But you get your daily dose here and there! Today’s extra spicy dose is from Gallant and the utterly turnt up “Jupiter Grayscale”, which was produced by Maths Time Joy. Stick on some sound-proof headphones and slip into euphoria. “Jupiter Grayscale” is smooth, carnal, and perfect for a midnight listen.

Fiona Bevan released the video to her track “Rebel Without a Cause” just a few days ago. It’s a fantastic soul track that really highlights her amazing vocal range. She’s no stranger on AR and I am extremely excited that her debut album Talk To Strangers was released just two days ago. Take a sneak at what’s in store on the album with this snazzy track!

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Interview with Daena Jay

Daena Jay was featured on AR a few weeks ago and this week she is back with the first EVER interview I have ever done. Take a read on what inspires the lovely and beautiful Daena Jay and a message for her listeners!

How would describe your own style?

I think right now my music is all about being young and unrestricted. I honestly haven’t tried to figure it all out, or nail myself to a specific genre or style just yet. I’m enjoying the adventure of it, and the music is taking me to some pretty interesting places, which I love. So I guess my style is evolutionary pop… it’s an eclectic mix of indie, pop, with electronic overtones and a side of some good old-fashioned ballads.

Who do you draw inspiration from when you play? Any favorite artists or bands?

Honestly I want the class of Carole King, the Soul of Tracey Chapman, and the funk of Feist or Imogen Heap. I love these woman and many others like them who are talented and brave and freaking epic songwriters.

Current favorite song?

Lately I have become completely obsessed with LA local, Moses Sumney… especially “Plastic”… its beautiful music and honest lyrics, and in my opinion you can’t get better than that!

Do you have any upcoming plans/projects?

I’m currently doing a lot of writing and excited about some new tracks and fresh sounds we are working with. Also, I’m off for an adventure to England and South Africa, ending with a couple days and some private shows in Miami. I’ll be back to Los Angeles for some summer shows in June. 

What are you looking forward to the most in the near future?

Well continuing to create fresh music, both for myself but hopefully for other artists! I love collaborating and I’m excited about doing more of that in the future!

Do you have a specific message you want to send out with your songs?

I think each song on my new EP, Subdivision, tells a different story and should provoke different emotions, some of joy others of restlessness, or longing. However, overall I want the record to make its listener feel those emotional and truths a little deeper. My hope with Subdivision is that its makes you feel, that it’s an experience. 

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Hello music lovers!

For all the readers in London, check out this new monthly event that happens every first Friday of the month titled BLUME. BLUME will be hosting its second event at The Waiting Room on May 2nd with some wicked headliners. Headliner Jack Swift created an amazing mix for BLUME, which you can listen to down below. 

£3 Early | £6 Adv | £7 OTD

Indie pop lovers, this is your calling! Take a listen to the Beautiful Small Machines’ newest single “The DJ Stayed Home”, featuring spacey piano chords and dreamy lyrics. I love the ending symphony-like sounds with the trumpets and upbeat orchestral harmonies. The track reminds me a lot of the pre-2009 pop scene, perhaps even going as far back as my days in elementary school (aka the early 2000s).

“The DJ Stayed Home” is the title track taken off of Beautiful Small Machines’ upcoming LP of the same name The DJ Stayed Home. AR had the exquisite pleasure of previewing the album before its release on July 8. The album consists of a mix of indie pop songs to even a folk cover of MIA’s “Paper Planes”. I would definitely label this album under the nostalgic tab because the pop on this album will definitely bring you back to the early-mid 2000s. Who remembers Lily Allen’s “Smile”? If that is your game, take a listen to the track “In the Name of Revenge” because it has the same dark underlying message, but serenely beautiful at the same time. My favourite song on the album is probably the track “The Wretched Sound of City Cars”, and after coming back from New York, I can confirm that city cars are wretched indeed. It’s a beautiful, slowed-down song that you can just hear the sorrow in.

Favourite Tracks:

Bring Out Your Dead

East Side

In the Name of Revenge

The Wretched Sound of City Cars

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