I’m bringing you this super glitchy and fast-paced song titled “Bali Surf” from Alfred English. It is a fantastic infusion of sick beats, turnt vocals, and overall greatness. I hope it makes you get off your butt and dance (grind against someone or something, I don’t care). It’s oddly romantic right? Or is that just me?


Mondays are depressing. That doesn’t mean you should be too. Take a listen to Ernst Jr’s “All My Love” for Keats//Collective’s Future Funk Friday. This series is honestly one of the greatest things of my week. A fresh new future funk beat out every Friday. Awe-inspiring.

Watoo Watoo is a french pop duo (Pascale and Michaël) that just released their fourth album Une si longue attente. Above is a quaint little video for their song “Un lundi comme un autre”. The album consists of 10 tracks all sung in French. I’m somewhat trilingual but French is one of the languages I have yet to get around to learning. It’s interesting listening to music in a foreign language because you focus more on the mood and energy of the song rather than having to split that focus with also the lyrics.

Perhaps one of my favourite songs is “Une si longue attente” because it sounds as if it could be in a played in classy French bar in the earlier decades. The instrumentals are fast-paced but in a minor key that give it a real interesting spin. Pascale’s vocals are melodious in the track and who doesn’t love hearing someone sing in French?

“Ce vide” is another great track on the album because it really has a jazzy twang to it with the killer saxophone solo. The percussions and overall feel of the song is very smooth and classy.

A song sung in English on the album is “Searching for Mr. Right” and has similar qualities to “Ce vide” in the jazz aspect expect this is more of the smooth, slow jazz. Pascale’s vocals are serene and soft, matching the beat of the song perfectly.

I could probably give a song by song commentary for the album but I don’t want to bore all ya’ll. If you are looking for some heavy synthy French songs, take a listen to “Ne m’oublie”. If you like songs similar to “Une silongue attente”, take a listen to “Un simple mot”. A simply standout track on the album is “Correspondance" 

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Swedish Duo, Marching Band, released the video for their song “Die In My Arms”, which was taken off of their album So Much Imagine. The album consists of 21 very different tracks but “Die In My Arms” is easily one of my favourites with its indie rock/folk-ish roots. There is a part in the middle of the song with insane guitar/banjo strumming. “Die In My Arms” is a catchy song with classic indie rock elements that will catch the ears of my fellow indie listeners easily.

I took a listen to the album and it’s true, there are 21 songs on the album. I’ve streamed a bit of each song and collectively, it’s a pretty upbeat/happy album. Some songs are on the indie rock vibe and a few have a synthy base such as “Love Need Want”. I’ve listed a few of my favourite songs down below but you may find another track that you thoroughly enjoy because it’s quite diverse.

Favourite Songs:

But Not Anymore (Ja Ja)

Put Your Foot Down

Artist Man, Shaved Hand

A Menace to Myself

Die In My Arms

Breaking Is Fun

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A.J. Ellis will be releasing his debut solo album Bury The Devil this summer via Ragtime Records. Above is Ellis’ track “Cheating the Czar” with a bit of 1950s rockabilly twang. The song has a simple but catchy melody. The beauty of the track really is its simplicity and fun beat. Ellis’ vocals have natural ring to them that really throws it back. Also, the lyrics are pretty rock solid. Take a listen and download the track for free.

NSFW video.

But besides that, Garden City Movement blew my mind away with their track “Move On”. It is utterly sensual and smooth, it will probably turn you on. The colors in the video are so gorgeously pastel and have a simplicity to them that I like. Gorgeous video for a gorgeous song. You can download Garden City Movement’s Entertainment EP via Facebook for free, which includes “Move On”!

Download Entertainment EP (via Facebook)