Lake Malawi released their first single “Always June” with a very mainstream indie pop vibe. I think what really caught my attention to this song is actual the line “Caroline, she smiles” and it brought me back to the old song “Sweet Caroline”. “Always June” definitely reminds me of the more modern day Coldplay with the background “ohhhh"s, upbeat rhythms, and positive vibe. It’s like an indie version of Coldplay. I can’t really tell if I like this band’s style yet and I’m curious to hear more songs and get a better feel of the band. Lake Malawi has garnered some fame already and I do like the instrumentals on track but I think Lake Malawi will release something that’ll really spark my interest.

Connect with Lake Malawi:

Facebook | Official Website | Twitter


Author: Lola Hum

I am not real...or at least not who you think I am, merely a figment of my own imagination. If you stumbled upon this blog...I can only wonder how.

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