I always love Giraffage remixes because they are stunning. Take a listen to his smooth remix of “Don’t Wait” by Mapei. She has strong vocals and Giraffage does a great job of highlighting it with the rhythmic synths in the background and tweeting birds. I’m really loving the fact that you can tell when Giraffage remixes something because he’s beginning to have a style. Major love from AR.


Pained Palms released their debut album Forever this month via Polyvinyl Records and it has garnered some positive feedback. They have just recently announced their European Tour (dates listed down below), and above is the video to their “Forever” track. The track has some oddities, from an eerie, dark start to upbeat, pop melodies. Not to mention, the video is pretty darn weird too. But the track is strangely catchy.

Painted Palms 2014 European Tour Dates:

April 17 Stockholm, Sweden @ Debaser
April 19 Bristol, UK @ Louisiana
April 20 Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen
April 21 London, UK @ Birthdays
April 23 Paris, France @ Espace B
April 24 Brussels, Belgium @ Botanique Witloofbar
April 25 Luzern, Switzerland @ Sudpol
April 26-29 Germany TBC
April 30 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Bitterzoet

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Stream — Axxa/Abraxas: ‘Axxa/Abraxas’

(by Sarah Wingate via Spin)

I’ve been raving about Axxa/Abraxas’ self-titled album due March 4th via Captured Tracks and now, you can stream it in its entirety on Spin. Ben Asbury (aka Axxa/Abraxas) infuses Middle Eastern-inspired music, reminding me of The Growlers’ style. The album is fun and upbeat and makes me a feel a bit sedated with its psychedelic rock style as well.

Listen to Axxa/Abraxas (via Spin)

Free Download — Saint Pepsi: ‘Gin City’

Obviously I have to write up something for Saint Pepsi’s new Gin City EP that was released yesterday. It’s. Fucking. Awesome. Within 24 hours, Saint Pepsi took over the internet raving with positive reviews and it’s obvious why. Gin City is the shit. Featuring three songs in which Saint Pepsi did not use samples: “Gin City (feat. Taøers)”, “Walking Talking”, and “Disappearing”, Saint Pepsi did a fantastic job once again. Gin City is very different from his 2013 Hit Vibes, focusing more on experimental music rather than funk/disco and he still does a great job. The internet (and of course AR) have already raved about “Mr. Wonderful” and “BABY” and Saint Pepsi also includes those in his EP. Also, as a bonus track, Saint Pepsi included his rework of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” as a hidden 6-track. One message for Saint Pepsi: I LOVE YOU.

Lyla Foy will be releasing her debut album Mirrors the Sky via Sub Pop Records on March 18. Above is the track “Feather Tongue” featuring Foy’s dream-like vocals. The track is rather charming with the constant little samples of computer generated sounds. Foy’s vocals are melodic and soothing and the instrumentals on this song are smooth and integrate well with all the different elements.

by Veanne Tsui

(by Veanne Tsui)

by Oli Deakin

(by Oli Deakin)

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Hm, someone must have a broken heart right now. And how suiting is it to listen to a song titled “Love is a Bitter Thing”? Take a listen to this track by RAMS’ Pocket Radio. It sounds a little like early Plain White T’s stuff but then around the 2:43 mark, the track goes into an intense orchestral period. The lyrics are pretty darn good (feel free to cry to them) and I like the prominence of the piano in this track. “Love is a Better Thing” is taken off of RAMS’ Pocket Radio’s debut album Béton (French for concrete).

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The Mary Onettes will be releasing their upcoming album Portico on March 4th, and they premiered their track “Naive Dream” on Pitchfork today. It’s a mellow indie pop song with dream-like vocals and melancholic synths.