Stream — Ninetails: “Radiant Hex”

Ninetails comes back from their 2012 EP Slept And Did Not Sleep, Ninetails is going to be releasing their upcoming EP Quiet Confidence on March 10, and they have already released a hypnotic single called “Radiant Hex”. This 6 track EP infuses modern electronic pop with a bit of a dream-like quality, giving listeners a stream of conscious-like experience. I got a little sneak peak of the whole EP firsthand and the EP will not disappoint. “O For Two”, the third track on EP, brings in a smooth underlay of R&B and distorted sounds for an excellent track. My favourite track off of the EP is “An Aria” for it’s dreamlike quality, instrumentals, and fantastic infusions of the vocals. Stream “Radiant Hex” down below for a sample of the upcoming EP.
1. Radiant Hex

2. An Aria
3. O For Two
4. Quiet Confidence/Pure Utopian Moment
5. Hopelessly Devoted
6. Sinn Djinn



Author: Lola Hum

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