Juan Wauters: ‘N.A.P. North American Poetry’

I’ve mentioned before that one of my favourite music labels is Captured Tracks because their artists have unique styles and I absolutely love them. I’m pretty stoked that the label will be releasing a rock/indie folk album by Juan Wauters because it is a bit different from the rest of their artists’ style. Juan Wauters is planning on releasing his upcoming album N.A.P. North American Poetry on February 4th and I’m lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the album.
The overall style of the album is similar to a cross between Beck, Weezer, and a little bit of Bob Dylan/The Beatles. The lyrics for “Lost in Soup” reminds me of Weezer’s “Pork and Beans” song, and it has the rock sound of Beck. The album mostly consists of acoustics which I love because Wauters voice is a weird charming kind of voice that throws you off guard the first time you hear it but then you start loving it.
One of my favourite songs is “Waters” which is the official single for the album. I love the Bob Dyaln-esque of the track and it’s a good generalization of what the whole album will sound like. My favourite song on the album is probably “Sanity or Not” because of the upbeat guitar strumming and Wauters’ hazy-like vocals is the perfect combo for some great beach vibes. A close second as for my favourtie song on the album is “All Tall Mall Will Fall”. The lyrics are simple but the melody is fantastic: a simple guitar picking in the background is sometimes all you need for a great track.
N.A.P. consists of two songs sung in Spanish and the supernatural forces above know that I am sucker for songs sung in a foreign language. “Escucho Mucho” totally reminds me of the funky style of Devendra Banhart except this song has that extra tad bit of charm because I believe I hear the banjo. The other song sung in Spanish on the album is titled “Ay Ay Ay” and it has a bit of a mariachi-band sort of sound to it. It’s definitely a bit quirky but fitting with the overall sound of the album, it fits right in.
Honestly, I praise this album because it really throws me back to the music from 60s. The album has a bit of psychedelic acoustic indie rock to it and I love the simplicity of the album. There’s something heartwarming about the album overall and it’s just fantastic.
Favourite Tracks:
Sanity or Not
Lost In Soup
Escucho Mucho
Woke Up Feeling Like Sleeping
Continue To Be You
All Tall Mall Will Fall


Author: Lola Hum

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