Free Download — Juleah: ‘Entangled And Entwined’

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if you crossed Fleetwood Mac and Simon & Garfunkel with a psychedelic rock twist? I would definitely suggest taking a listen to Entangled And Entwined by Juleah. I believe this is the first time I’ve written about an Austrian musician, and Juleah’s rock roots are some classic stuff. I can definitely hear some Simon & Garfunkel vibes in her track “Magic Vineyard” and you can really hear some Fleetwood Mac influences in the track “Neverending Swell”. In her songs, I can feel a Stevie Nicks vibe in her vocals. It’s alluring, mysterious, and beautiful, and it really captivates you into this sort of “Black Magic Woman” feel. I’d definitely put this 5-track record under psychedelic rock and Entangled and Entwined reminds me a bit of some of The Beatles’ darker, psychedelic songs as well. It’s a bit exotic and sexy at the same time.
Oh and there’s a bonus track once you download the album! Check out the video for “The Verge”
Favourite Tracks:
The Verge
Neverending Swell
The Sixth and Seventh Moon


Author: Lola Hum

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