Free Download — The Colourist: “Yes Yes”

(by David Gallardo)
On my MacBook, I use that program that is basically virtual post-it notes but I hardly ever look at them (which totally defeats the purpose of them). I was looking at them a few days ago and I found that I had written “Yes Yes – Colours” and it took me a few minutes to figure out that I meant the band The Colourist and their song “Yes Yes”. Now that I have deciphered my own writing, here is the song “Yes Yes” for you guys! I say this is one of those typical indie rock songs but there’s no shame in that. These songs just have the natural catchy sound and are usually upbeat so you can dance your Friday night away. I really do like the guitars in this song because I usually listen to a song and all the instruments just sort of melt together but the guitars are clearly heard in certain parts of the song and the drums are clearly heard in other parts.
Download “Yes Yes” (via Rolling Stone)


Author: Lola Hum

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