Free Download — Alta-D: ‘Lifetime Breaks’

This post is definitely long over due (seeing as how I haven’t done much in the past month). Anyway, one of my classmates from middle school released his first EP Lifetime Breaks. For the two years that I went to school with Alta-D (Andres Mendoza), I was always impressed with his musical talent. I remember that he played Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” on the piano from ear and it was fantastic.
Lifetime Breaks has an eclectic of sounds ranging from hip hop to jazz tunes and it’s really amazing how Alta-D has composed this 4-track EP. He’s released a few songs on his Soundcloud already and one of them is featured on my compilation that I released last week. My favourite track out of the four is probably “Sitting in Rain” because I’m into the smooth electronic stuff and this track is seriously smooth. Beautifully mixed. I also like the beginning jazzy feel to “Trane” and it definitely has a darker ring to it.
Download Lifetime Breaks (via Bandcamp)

Free Download — Ryan DeRobertis: “Call Me Baby, I’m Yours”

One of my favourite musicians that I began to listen to in 2013 is Saint Pepsi (aka Ryan DeRobertis). He did a mashup of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and Breakbot’s “Baby, I’m Yours” and it is utterly fantastic. It makes me hate “Call Me Maybe” slightly less. Yeah, I’m really digging this tune actually. It’s groovy and funky and Jepsen’s voice isn’t that annoying! 

Watch — Hospital: “Lust For You”

And I can’t believe that it’s been a week since I last posted on here…the holidays get crazy. Just a few days ago, I was shuffling through my iTunes playlist and I came across the song that introduced me to Hospital and it’s been quite some time since I’ve listened to them and then I found a video to “Lust For You”, their newest single. This video is one of those picturesque ones in which every frame looks so perfect. Wherever this video was shot, I have to visit that place when I start traveling. Can I just point out how much I love that winter sweater? “Lust For You” has that vibe to it where you can feel when you start to fall in love with someone (I know that feeling a little to well). I’ll be sure to add this song onto the soundtrack of my life.

Free Download — Noceans: ‘Antechamber’


I wasn’t planning on doing another post for a week or so but I feel like this month is lacking in some posts so here is a bonus free download for you. I’ll post up a track that I think is super c00l or something later tonight but check out Noceans’ Antechamber. It contains only three tracks but it’s three amazing shoegaze tracks. I’m always a fan of some sad music for the winter seasons and the slow downtempo of Antechamber is perfect. I think my favourite track out of the three would be “Brooklyn” but “Sistency” is also really good as well.

Download Antechamber (via Bandcamp)

Free Download — Abduction Radiation Vol. 1

Yes, yes, yes. It is finally completed! My Abduction Radiation Vol. 1 is finally released with 11 amazing tracks ranging from from glo-fi to indie rock and all sorts of genres in between. I hope you guys will have a happy holiday and you won’t hear from me until next Monday. Thanks for all the support from the readers and to the musicians/bands who have helped me along the way. I love all of you because you guys are the only reason why this blog is still running (I have a terrible tendency to quit things…) 

Free Download — Bogus Soul: “DNC (Feat. Steinfuchs)”

Mondays are still hard even though it’s winter break so I usually try to keep things smooth and lowkey on Mondays. If you need a song to just relax and fall asleep to, download “DNC” by Bogus Soul which features Steinfuchs. I love the smooth downtempo of this track and the vocals are perfect. I love the slow simple beginning into this infused track of exoticness.
Bogus Soul (aka Philipp Ebert) will be releasing is 32 EP on January 18 and I’ll do a whole review on it next year before its release date so you know what to expect. But just from listening to “DNC”, I’m positive that it’ll be a great EP and I’m excited to listen to it.