Free Download — Spazzkid: “Forgiveness (Moonkay Remix)”

Ok.  I love spazzkid so much and all the producers out there remixing his tracks are fab. It’s amazing to be honest, this network of producers working together. Anyway, check out one of the latest remixes: “Forgiveness” by Moonkay. I hope that producers just keep remixing spazzkid because the remixes themselves are so beautiful. I’m fangirling, I know.

Free Download — Washed Out: “Eyes Be Closed”


Another Washed Out track for ya’ll. I think by now we all know how amazing this band is. Grab the track “Eyes Be Closed” off of the album Within and Without.

Download “Eyes Be Closed” (via Earmilk)

Free Download — Chalk and Numbers: “Pretty Colors”

(by Art Boonparn)
The 1950s is probably one of my favourite decades of all time because I’m more of a retro person than vintage (and I hate it when people tell me that I’m a vintage indie person or whatever). The music of the 1950s has that amazing nostalgic feel that makes you want to put on a pair of Converse, a leather jacket, and go out and dance to a jukebox. And one of the songs that you can find in the jukebox could be “Pretty Colors” by Chalk and Numbers. The track has the happy-go-lucky feel of the 1950s with a bit of the rock n roll flare. It actually songs like a song that could be in Hairspray.
Download “Pretty Colors” (via Rolling Stone)

Free Download — Lasse Boman: “Long Long Summer”

Ok, I’ll admit that my guilty pleasure tv show is Awkward. but Jenna is getting a little out of control…but the soundtrack for this show is superb. It’s like how I hate the Twilight series but the soundtrack is so good and it’s so frustrating! Anyway, Lasse Boman’s “Long Long Summer” was one of the tracks in season 3 but I can’t remember which episode. Very indie for the new indie Jenna.

Stream — Black Yaya: “Paint A Smile On Me (Breakbot Remix)”

Anything Breakbot related is always strangely happy and makes me happier too. So I don’t know how I feel about that. But I guess if you are in a good mood and you want to be in an even better mood, check out Breakbot’s remix of “Paint A Smile On Me”by Black Yaya. The name of the song is already extremely happy sounding so just wait till you actually hear the song. It’s so poppy and disco-y, how can you not be happier when you listen to this remix?

Free Download — Beshken: ‘Eventide EP’

I feel like experimental electronic music can be played on almost all the days and it’ll fit any mood. If you are in need of some experimental, check out Eventide EP by Beshken. It was released last Friday with Futures Collective, one of my favourite underrated labels. On Eventide, there are definitely some trippy songs and the ambiance is pretty dark in general but with the cold winters, I think this is the perfect EP to put on if you’re still working at 1 or 2 in the morning.

Favourite Tracks:
Trust Me
Swan Song

Download Eventide EP (via Bandcamp)

Stream — Yohuna: “Apart”

Liking someone seriously is definitely one of the weirdest experiences when you haven’t liked someone like that in a long time. It’s kind of scary but it’s new and exciting. Yohuna’s “Apart” has that soft mellow-happy feel that is how I feel when I begin to realize that I like someone. It has a carefulness to it that is just how new feelings feel, tentative and unsure. Yohuna’s voice is astoundingly beautiful and I like the simplicity to “Apart”.
Stream “Apart” (via PRTLS)