Stream — Albert Hammond, Jr: ‘AHJ EP’


A moment of honesty right now, I don’t like Comedown Machine. There are a few songs that I thoroughly enjoyed but the album as a whole was just something that I wasn’t expecting. I know that bands are always changing and experimenting but I guess I was looking for more rock roots in the album.

Albert Hammond, Jr. is releasing AHJ EP and it is available for streaming online. My first response to the EP was a bit of relief because the definitive influence of indie rock is there and I the more I listen to this EP, the more I like it. There are still some quirky songs that are questionable but the EP overall is fantastic. It’s no Yours To Keep (Hammond’s debut album) but it doesn’t disappoint. There are some rad guitar riffs in “Rude Customer” and it seriously reminds me off the old Strokes and made me tear up a little. I hope that the Strokes will be doing something a little more along this EP.

AHJ EP consists of 5 grand songs:
1. St. Justice
2. Strange Tidings
3. Carnal Cruise
4. Rude Customer
5. Cooker Ship

I don’t think that I have heard of a definite no on a tour of Comedown Machine but Hammond will be doing a solo tour and there are two shows in/near LA
Tuesday, November 19: Constellation Room, Santa Ana ($20)
Wednesday, November 20: El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles ($23)

Stream AHJ EP (via Pigeons and Planes)


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