Killing Fields of Ontario: ‘How The World Ends’

I feel really bad for rejecting practically all the music submissions this week but there is one band that survived the selection process! Actually, I almost rejected Killing Fields of Ontario as well but there was something about the band that drew to listen to more of their songs off of their upcoming album How The World Ends. The very first track that I listened to was ‘Our Place To Drown’ and I really liked it because it was mellow folk and since autumn and winter are arriving, folk is definitely one of my favourite genres to listen to because it makes me feel all homey.
I went back to listen to the whole album because the band had intrigued me with their folk style so I was really thrown off track with the first two tracks “Twisted Little Theatre” and “Nothing To Be Frightened Of” because these songs are more fast paced and a little bit more rock than folk. I was tentative to continue but when I listened to “When We Were Born”, I knew that this band will be consistently listened throughout the winter.
For my own personal taste in music, I like the folky homey side of this band. I know that folk bands can begin to sound repetitive in their songs (COUGH Mumford & Sons) but I really think that Killing Fields of Ontario are quite eclectic in their songs. Some songs are slow and some songs have a faster rhythm and some are more mellow while others are more upbeat. If you like the Mumford & Sons style of fast guitar picking folk, definitely check out “Creeper” and “Cloud”. I like more of the slow folk stuff so check out some of favs below.
If you like this album, don’t fret! How The World Ends will be released on October 28, just in time for the autumn and winter season. For now, you can stream one of my favourite songs “Our Place To Drown” via Soundcloud and “Cloud” via YouTube
Favourite Tracks:

When We Were Born
Left In Shadow
Our Place To Drown
God Or Country

Stream “Our Place To Drown” (via Soundcloud)
Watch “Cloud” (via YouTube)
Official Site


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