Stream — Haim: ‘Days Are Gone’


I don’t want to sound like one of those douchebag hipsters but I totally knew Haim was going to make it big during their earlier years. I absolutely love these girls because they have so much personality (my fav is Danielle but don’t tell Este or Alana). My very first Haim song was of course their first single “Forever” and then they impressed me even more with “Don’t Save Me”. I’ll admit that I had a girl crush on all three of them at some point but they’re such babes so it’s okay (right?)

Days Are Gone is definitely one of my most anticipated albums of 2013 and it really doesn’t disappoint at all. 2013 has been a mixed year for me with bands returning with new albums and my opinions have been fluctuating. I love the fact that Haim is a girl group and that they can still bring out that rock vibe but it’s definitely more pop rather than a Joan Jett classic rock root. I’ve been following Haim for a while and it’s almost amazing to hear that they are influenced by classic musicians and bands from the music influences of their parents. They’ve toured with several bands already such as Vampire Weekend and Mumford & Sons and I’ve been trying to catch one of their concerts (my timing is really just quite horrible).

You can stream Days Are Gone online right now. Check out my favourite songs down below:

Favourite Tracks:
Don’t Save Me
The Wire
Go Slow (I like the acoustic version better)
Running If You Call My Name

Stream Days Are Gone (via NPR)


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