Free Download — spazzkid: “Just For Tonight”

Oh holla at this guys. Spazzkid from 2009. A little bit different from his current works but “Just For Tonight” has a real charm to it! And that album artwork. *claps rapidly* MORE SPAZZKID FROM 2009 PLEASE!

Free Download — Gracie: “Wait 4 It”


Ah hella yeah, a new Gracie song! The last time I wrote a piece for Gracie was all the way back in April for his track “My Pet”. I’ve been following him on Twitter and he released a new track today so was super stoked to listen to it. “Wait 4 It” is definitely more dream pop in my books compared to the garage pop of “My Pet”. Listening to this song just makes my heart lighter and it puts me in a better mood. “Wait 4 It” is off of Gracie’s Work It Out EP and I’m excited to hear what other tracks will be on the EP.

Download “Wait 4 It” (via Soundcloud)

Stream — Aaliyah: “If Your Girl Only Knew (Ale$ Remix)”

Halloween tomorrow! If you guys are curious, I’m dressing up as Richie Tenenbaum and maybe I’ll post up a few pics tomorrow but I think I’ll post up a few extra free downloads today as celebration because I love the autumn season. Today’s first track is Ale$’s remix of “If Your Girl Only Knew” by Aaliyah. I didn’t always like jazz but since the summer, I’ve been getting really into it and I love the jazzy feel of this electronic track. My guilty pleasure really is jazzy electronic music but I like the jazz to be more mellow than swing jazz. This is the smoothest track that I’ve heard all week thus far but we’ll see if anything amazing is posted by Friday. Enjoy Halloween you crazy kids, and respect women.

Stream — The Persian Leaps: ‘Praise Elephants’

I do love my Minnesota bands very much and The Persian Leaps comes from St. Paul. First, I would like to show a little bit of attention to their album art for their Praise Elephants EP. Not many album arts catch my eye because I’m into really weird stuff but this artwork intrigued me in many ways and I really like it. Hopefully they’ll be selling some t-shirts or pins with that elephant!
Back to the music, I have been into more of these underground electronic artists lately and I haven’t been discovering any new indie rock or alternative rock musicians/bands as much. The Persian Leaps sounds like my typical classic alternative rock music that I would play at a small get-together with friends. They have that classic sound that feels like one of those old nostalgic jukebox songs that you always play when you have friends around. The track “Hard Feelings” really hit me hard because there is a The Smiths-esque to it with a little bit more rocking vibe to it. I only listen to two radio stations now which are KROQ and JACKFM and The Persian Leaps is the band that would be played on both radio stations. They have that old school rock feel it them but there is still something refreshing about their music.
ps. one of the band members reminds me of Jeremy Renner at this angle
Favourite Tracks:
Hard Feelings
Not That Brave
Stream Praise Elephants (via Bandcamp)

Stream/Buy — brief candles: ‘Newhouse’

Holla at shoegaze bands because they actually make my life better. brief candles may be one of my favourite bands at the moment because of their rocking Newhouse EP. This 5-track EP will satiate your shoegaze hunger in an instant and it is definitely worth the $6 you are paying for it. Coming from Illinois, brief candles brings those hazy summer vibes that you never want to let go of. With the heavy reverb and muffled vocals, this will make you lovesick for the guy/gal. Something about shoegaze makes my heart sink with sadness but I’m addicted to this feeling.
Favourite Tracks:
Olympic Sleeper
While I’m Awake
Stream/Buy Newhouse (via Bandcamp)

Free Download — Circles: ‘Are You Watching the Masters? Because the Masters Are Watching You’


Monday schedules blow. Or maybe our lives just suck. hm. Well in any case when I’m feeling down, some garage rock definitely brings up my mood because who doesn’t love teenage rebellion (adios mis padres). To fuel our young teen angst, check out this 6 track EP Are You Watching the Masters? Because the Masters Are Watching You from the Chicago band Circles. And an added bonus is that it’s free! This EP has the amazing summer vibe in that you want throw on a black leather jacket, some thigh laced-up boots, and some red lipstick to start some trouble. This band reminds me a little bit of Bleached but a little bit more rock in a few of their songs but both bands still bring out a craving for the beach.

Favourite Tracks:
Marcus Garvey
Black Eyes

Download Are You Watching the Masters? Because the Masters Are Watching You (via bandcamp)

Free Download — Washed Out: “Feel It All Around”


If you like Portlandia, please hit me up and let us be friends because I know nobody in real life who likes that show. What does this have to do with Washed Out? “Feel It All Around” is the opening theme of the show 🙂 Kicking it back to 2010 with Washed Out’s Life of Leisure EP, this was the very first track that introduced me to Washed Out. I know that he has some new stuff out but I haven’t taken real time to listen to them. I think he released a series of music videos for some of the songs and I listened to some of them while I was doing work. They sound pretty good but I’ll have to check up on that with you guys. For now, let’s enjoy my favourite track by Washed Out.

Download “Feel It All Around” (via Earmilk)