Free Download — Black Marble: “A Great Design”

(from The Dankles)
Here is your daily dose of synth: Black Marble’s “A Great Design”. I actually first listened to this song a few days ago via Pandora but it has showed up several times on my radio stations and I simply love the synth in this track. It’s a mellow track for your mellow night.


Free Download — Elli Ingram: “Canna Butter Kisses”

I’ll admit that I’m very picky about my rap and R&B songs but Elli Ingram’s “Canna Butter Kisses” is so swanky that I think I’m in love with it. If you rap listeners think this sounds familiar, well it’s a cover of T-Pain’s “I’m Hi” and Chance the Rapper’s “Cocoa Butter Kisses”. Not advocating gettin’ blazed but hey, it’s Friday night. Do something that makes you not want to kill yourself.

Free Download — Flex Cop: “This Is Not Meth”

Any of my readers a fan of Breaking Bad? If yes, we are officially interweb friends. My heart is breaking because the final episode is this Sunday. In celebration, Flex Cop created a track with Walt saying “This Is Not Meth” as a sample played in the beginning. It’s a pretty funky, groovy vibe and we can all reminiscence Walt in his beautiful white undies making meth with his homeboy Jesse.

Stream — Lolawolf: “Drive”

Look at me just plowing through. Lolawolf is the side project of actress Zoë Kravitz and her voice is quite mesmerizing (or maybe it’s just the synths of the track…I dont’ know but it sounds pretty good). Is it just me or are all the “famous” people multi-talented and just want to do every thing now? Hm well Lolawolf sounds pretty amazing so I’m excited to hear more.
Stream “Drive” (via Soundcloud)

Stream — Yuck: “Memorial Fields”

Okay even though yesterday I said that the music scene is kind of dry, I am actually pretty stoked for the new Yuck album and all these singles they have been releasing. I do feel ambivalent about some of the tracks but “Memorial Fields” got me excited once again. My first Yuck song was “The Wall” so “Memorial Fields” is really different to what I am expecting from Yuck. I guess I assumed that they had the indie garage rock kind of feel but I’ve discovered that they are quite versatile in their music genres. The beginning guitar chords make me feel like I’m at the beach and it is quite a mellow song so here come to feelings.

Free Download — Spazzkid STYLSS MIX + Recipe

Whoo half way through the week! Maybe it’s just me but this week is going by real slow…and I passed out in Spanish class sooo it’s a great start.
To motivate you through your week, here is spazzkid’s mix of his current fav tracks for Stylss. Wait, what recipe? Well, spazzkid shared his recipe for making some delicious curry rice so if you need some lunch or dinner ideas, here is an excellent choice. I was reading over the recipe and I use the curry from the exact company so a word of warning is that their curry is quite flavored so extra salt and/or pepper usually isn’t need. A thicker sauce is also better so the sauce to rice ratio isn’t too off. Let’s all thank spazzkid for some great tunes and a delicious meal to get us through the week!
Spazzkid – Candy Flavored Lips (In The Blue Shirt Remix)
Rainbow Chan – Skinny Dipping
Bazz – It’s You
Viceroy – Sunny Daze (Club Edit)
Letherette – Restless ft. Natasha Kemeto (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
Charles Murdoch – Dekire feat. Oscer Key Sung (Bodhi Remix)
Cashmere Cat – Kiss Kiss (LidoLigod Remix)
Spazzkid – Better Off Alone
Alizzz – Whoa
Lindsay Lowend – Sass Mouth
Tomggg – Fizz
Kaytranada – Seeu Enni Way
MNDSGN – slowdowntho
Download Mix + Recipe (via Soundcloud)

Free Download — Flume: “Sleepless (feat. Jezzabell Doran)”

(by Justin Vague)

I think you guys should be honored by this post because it took me FOREVER to find a good free download for ya’ll today. I was going to skip it but since I haven’t been doing a decent job with consistency and that I just get back the days I’ll be posting, I think I should probably put some effort in sharing some rad free tracks. Flume is probably one of my favourite more well known producers because his actual tracks and remixes have a mellow vibe to them (you guys know I love my mellow tunes). Today’s free download is “Sleepless” featuring Jezzabell Doran’s amazing voice. I absolutely love the looping in this masterpiece.

Download “Sleepless (feat. Jezzabell Doran)” (via Rolling Stone)