Free Download — Permanent Collection: “One Thousand Sins”


No Friday night is complete without some punk rock to jam out to. Check out “One Thousand Sins” by Permanent Collection if you’re feeling like breaking out the leather jacket and Doc Martens. On a side note, Doc Martens are so expensive and so many people wear them now so I think I’ll hold off on buying them (don’t want to fit in with the crowd because I’m just that hip).

Download “One Thousand Sins” (via rollingstone)


Free Download — Knight One: “Onyx”

Happy Friday (night) everyone! So basically most of the people I know are at the football game but I’m sitting here blogging #typical. Anyhow, if you are spending your Friday night alone, here is a groovy tune to keep you company (and it’s free, how splendid!) Check out “Onyx” by Knight One.

Download “Onyx” (via Soundcloud)

Free Download — Small Black: “Photojournalist”

Small Black is definitely one of my fav synthy bands. If you want a taste of their music, check out “Photojournalist” off of their 2010 album New Chain. They released their newest album Limits of Desire earlier this year and I raved about it in a little piece!

Spotlight — spazzkid

Where do I even begin with this piece? I suppose starting from the very beginning is always a good start. I was first introduced to spazzkid (aka Mark Redito) from one of BIRP!’s compilations and to be exact, it was the track “Touch” from the December 2012 compilation. “Touch” was on constant repeat for a good two weeks until I decided to explore more of spazzkid’s music and to be honest, it has been an amazing music journey.
Spazzkid released his album Desire 願う in April 2013 for free! 8 beautifully mastered tracks, all equally innovative and quite different to the type of electronic music that I’ve been listening to. While discovering spazzkid’s music, I have had the pleasure to become acquainted with him over Twitter (the internet is a beautiful thing my friends). He is probably one of the coolest and nicest guys ever! 
But wait there’s even more. Spazzkid has some majorly talented friends who also create and produce their own music, some which are featured in his June 2013 Desire 願う – Remixes album, which by the way is also free! If you have some extra time on your hands, check out his likes tab on his Soundcloud to discover more rad music – I can spend hours there.
Want to watch spazzkid perform live? Well he has tons of shows in LA (some are 21+).
Tuesday, Sept 3 — The Mint
Friday, Sept 13 — Silverlake Lounge
Bandcamp (download Desire 願う and Desire 願う – Remixes for free here)

Stream — Miami Horror: “Real Slow (Preview)”

It has been quite some time since Miami Horror released some new music. I was quite impressed with their debut album Illumination. Today, they released a 42 second preview of their upcoming track “Real Slow” and I’m already digging the vibes on the track. They are primarily known for their upbeat, 80s disco influenced tracks.