Free Download — Seiho: “Wet Asphalt”

I don’t really know what to write for free downloads except for the fact that the music is free…so here you go: download “Wet Asphalt” by Seiho for free. Listening to electronic music is always a good choice for relaxing and read a book; although I do enjoy listening to jazz when I read. This is a smooth electronic track rather than the crazy upbeat dubstep or EDM that most people like to listen to. Electronic music can be relaxing, you just need to know where to find it!

Download “Wet Asphalt” (via Soundcloud)


Stream — Bare Mutants: ‘The Affliction’

Finally an amazing album on Pitchfork Advance that we can stream. Stream The Affliction by Bare Mutants on Pitchfork Advance this week! I don’t really know how to describe this album but I guess anything pretty much fits under Indie Rock. It’s a pretty mellow rock album without too much of a frenzy-ish vibe. The album is done in a laid-back style that is perfect for playing in the summer, perhaps even for a montage of how amazing and fantastic your summer is. The lead male singer’s voice reminds me of someone else’s voice put I can’t put my finger on it (this will probably bother me for the next few days *sigh*). Does the album art remind anyone else of Honey Boo Boo?
Favourite Tracks (aka the Tracklist):
Without You
The Fire In Your Hands

I Suck At Life
Crying With Bob
Inside My Head
Nothing is Gold
Cunt (aha my eyes actually widened when I first saw this)
Treason #2

Stream The Affliction (via Pitchfork Advance)

Free Download — Poor Moon: “Holiday”

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I guess today’s theme for music is mellow tracks. Today’s free download is “Holiday” by Poor Moon. This track brings a wave of nostalgia for me with it’s soft instrumentals and light singing. The xylophones have a homey sound to them and it’s great to listen to some music without any electronic base or samples to it. Take a coffee or tea break and put on this track as you enjoy the sun outside.
Download “Holiday” (via

Stream — mutual benefit: “advanced falconry”

Days are just going by and I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing anything with my life. Excellent. Let’s all just have a group therapy session where we weep about how shitty our lives are and listen to folk music (my idea of a good time apparently). On a brighter note, take a listen to “advanced falconry” by mutual benefit. A nice easy-going indie folk track to get your week started. I could fall asleep to this song any day.

Free Download — Emigrant: “Ciao”

One of my hobbies right now is to learn Italian, which isn’t as difficult as it seems because I am learning Spanish at school and the languages are similar in a few aspects. Let me impress all the ladies and gentlemen with my progress: “Ciao” means “Goodbye” in Italian. Whoahhh I know mind blown right? Or I might of just used Google Translate (I didn’t so self-five)
I don’t really know how to describe “Ciao” by Emigrant but it’s really just a mellow jazz piece. I am currently obsessed with Folk and Jazz music and I love love love piano jazz because I play the piano. I would like to point out that jazz is one of the hardest genres to play on the piano though. This track is perfect for a laid back weekend at home rather than going out with friends or going to the beach and whatnot. Sometimes spending time alone by yourself isn’t a bad thing at all.
Download “Ciao” (via Soundcloud)

Free Download — SAFIA: “Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues (Akouo Rework)”

No weekend is complete without electronic music and I have just the track for you to relax to. Akouo’s rework of “Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues” by SAFIA is simply amazing. The loops and samples integrated together creates a fantastic electronic masterpiece.

Free Download — Pretty Lights: ‘A Color Map of the Sun’

This week just seemed to drag on and on. To celebrate the weekend, A Color Map of the Sun by Pretty Lights is available for free! Pretty Lights has his own record label of the same name and what’s awesome about the label is that all music produced under it is available for free on their website. Of course donations are always welcome and it’s always important to support our favourite artists.