Free Download — Portals Mixtape June 2013


One of my favourite sites about music is Portals and they always have this rad monthly mixtape of all the free songs they review during the month. I am exposed to a lot of different music because of Portals and a good sample of the different types of music they write on is the mixtape! Go check it out and it’s free!

Download Portals Mixtape June 2013 (via Soundcloud)


Free Download — Work Drugs: “Mavericks”

I’m currently wearing this honey mask and everything smells uncomfortable sweet…I like sharing weird things about my life with all of you…
I’ve been obsessed with “Mavericks” by Work Drugs for this week and I thought that I’d share it with you! It’s 100% free and it’s one of the coolest songs ever! I already had their song “License To Drive” which is also one of my favourite songs. I definitely don’t hear much news about Work Drugs but I’ll be keeping closer tabs on them because they release the coolest songs. (I write so poorly when I’m overly excited)
Download “Mavericks” (via Soundcloud)

Free Download — Primitive Hearts: “Won’t Wait Around”

Friday’s either seem to come fast or come to slow but it is finally Free Download Friday! It’s totally awesome how the 50s & 60s garage pop punk is making a comeback. These songs usually have such an exciting and carefree vibe to them. Download “Won’t Wait Around” by Primitive Hearts if you feel like wearing your Doc Martens with all your hipster friends and look like punks blasting punk rock out of your garage!

Stream — Vacation: “Demain”

Is it just me or are slow acoustic songs in a language you can’t understand a lot more romantic? Take a listen to “Demain” by Vacation for that slow song that makes you feel like you’re in love. I think that the song fluctuates between French (correct me if I’m wrong) and English. It kind of feels like that song you listen to when you fall in love in Paris on a train with that devilishly handsome Frenchman sitting across from you. Or the beautiful French girl who’s reading a book and looking flawless 🙂
Stream “Demain” (via Portals)

Free Download — The Living Statues: “Our American Cousin”

(photo via FILTER Magazine)
Thank goodness it’s finally Thursday! Is it only LA or are the days just getting hotter and hotter? I still refuse to take of my jacket though…something about not wearing a jacket makes me feel exposed.
Are you ready to rock? I hope so because “Our American Cousin” by The Living Statues is pretty rockin’. Remember the good old garage pop-punk rock that we all loved? Well here is an awesome song with that same attitude! The Living Statues sound like a more pop-punk version of the Arctic Monkeys (did I mention that I’m stoked about the Monkeys’ new album?!!? ahahahhah). The lead singer of The Living Statues reminds me of the voice of Brandon Flowers from The Killers though…

Free Download — M+A: “When”

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday…honestly this week could not go by any faster (although I seem to be say phrases along this for the majority of my life…)
It’s been hard to find some good free downloads lately but I try my best to give you guys the best free music on the interweb (I hope I’m doing a decent job :D) Hear is a very upbeat and groovy track called “When” by M+A. I’ve noticed that many artists and producers are including more disco-ish vibes into their songs which is totally rad because disco is kind of cool right? “When” reminds of me of that track the roller-skating clubs always puts on as the last song where everyone gets in the rink and starts doing some sort of special dance routine in the 80s or something…it’s a great song and it’s free! 
Download “When” (via Soundcloud)

Free Download — City Light: “Sweet Death”

One of my earliest posts on this semi-fantastic blog was on City Light’s Memory Guide and one of my favourite tracks off of the album was “Sweet Death”. Very excited to bring back some attention to this amazing band because you can now download “Sweet Death” for free! Memory Guide was released on May 21st and you guys should go check it out! It’s really an amazing album with a lot of diverse tracks.