Stream — Free Time: ‘Free Time’ + FREE DOWNLOAD

Are you looking for some soft indie rock/pop to chill out to in your summer days? Take a listen to Free Time’s self-titled album Free Time. I wasn’t sure what to expect before I listened to this album but I have to say that I really like it! Free Time reminds me of the band Real Estate with their easy going vibe and maybe a more pop-y version of Best Coast (although Best Coast does have some pretty upbeat songs). I wouldn’t say that Free Time is super upbeat but they have the mellow vibe that is the perfect amount of laid-back style and happiness to it. Free Time is seriously going to be one of my favourite bands ever ughhhhhh I’m already freaking out about how much I think I’m going to love this band (ahhhh!!!) I can’t wait for this album to be out so I can buy it already! Go check out some of my favourite songs and stream it via Pitchfork Advance right now!
GUESS WHAT? You can download ‘I Lost Again’ FOR FREE! I KNOW I’M FREAKING OUT TOO!
Favourite Tracks:
I Lost Again

It Doesn’t Stop
Just One
Nothin But Nice

**hey I just checked out the record label and found out that Free Time is in the same record label as Real Estate 😀 fun fact of the day I guess.

Stream Free Time (via Pitchfork Advance)
Download ‘I Lost Again’ (via Soundcloud)
Record Label


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