Open Green

The last band that emailed me is a band from my “lovely” school: Open Green. Luckily, they did a 50 minute set yesterday so I had a better idea of what the band is like. I would also like the make an interjection of how horrible it was to watch people get up in leave in the middle of the set! I honestly stared in horror as people left in the middle of a song!!! They did some great covers including The White Stripes, Weezer, and The Strokes but I was hoping that they could do Arctic Monkeys in the future 🙂
Open Green doesn’t seem to have a real distinct style. From the songs that I heard yesterday, I can hear a range of garage rock, beach pop, synth, punk, and alternative rock. One of my favourite songs that they played was ‘Cherry Chapstick’. One of my favourite things about this band is the lyrics because if you listen closely, their is something hauntingly beautiful about them…and also lead singer Sean Lee’s dance moves as his jamming out! I am stoked to hear what else this band will be creating because I really think that they will get far.
Currently, there are two songs out on their Soundcloud but hopefully they will be releasing more. You can download ‘Hot Dog’ for free! I’m hoping that they will do some in-studio recording but these songs have a real nostalgic feel to them without the high-def recording which I actually like better 😛
If you want to see them live, they will be doing a show on Saturday, June 1 at the Aladdin Jr. 2
Address: 296 W Second St. in Pomona CA 91766
The pre-sale tickets are $10 but I don’t know how you’d get them if you don’t know the band members but there will be tickets at the door. Please come out and support them because they are seriously amazing live! 
Check out some of the pictures I took yesterday (sorry, I’m not a photographer :/)

Download ‘Hot Dog’ (via Soundcloud)


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