The second band that emailed me about my ‘contest’ is CUTTERS. My very first impression of this band is that they sounded a lot like a beachy band with some rad vibes from each of their songs. I found CUTTERS to be more along the lines of Bleached or GRMLN for more of the punk-beach rock vibe which is perfect since we are trudging towards summer as we finish the last leg of school! I am actually super stoked that this band emailed me right before summer began because I will probably be listening to their songs and waiting for school to end. There is just something about the NY bands that makes me want to move to NY…but don’t get me wrong, I love the LA bands except getting around to gigs is quite a challenge 😦 So if you’re craving for a taste of summer, take a listen to CUTTERS because I’m getting ready to go to the beach with their songs.
Tracklist for Trying Not to Die
1. Pterodactyl (The P is Silent)
2. Young Gods
3. Beginnings
4. X-Cutioner’s Song
5. Excitable Liefield
Favourite Tracks:
I was about to list my favourites but then I realized that it was the same as the tracklist 🙂 
You can listen to their album Trying Not to Die and download it for free via their Bandcamp!

Author: Lola Hum

I am not real...or at least not who you think I am, merely a figment of my own imagination. If you stumbled upon this blog...I can only wonder how.

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