Free Download — Versus Series by Hairy Hands

Just five days ago (on May 8, 2013), Hairy Hands released Versus Series via Tape Club Records (probably one of my favourite record labels from the UK for “indie” bands…what is indie anymore lol) The overall vibe of the tracks are really relaxed and chilled out, sort of really just mellowed out and ready for listeners to take a trip to the beach and tan. This 13-track record is really something though with a wide variety of genres. Every song does have electro in it but I can hear a range of psychedelic synth to 80s techno to rap. It’s quite a diverse range of sounds and every song sounds absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to hear what else Hairy Hands will be releasing 🙂
Favourite Tracks?
They’re all amazing! Everybody has different tastes and since Versus Series has a wide range of sounds, take a listen for yourself and grab it for free!
Download Versus Series (via Bandcamp)



Author: Lola Hum

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