Stream Little Boots’ ‘Nocturnes’

So I am basically extremely behind on all my reviews this week and probably next week as well…ah the joys of being a student in high school…My first review today is Little Boots’ Nocturnes via Pitchfork Advance. Some weeks they have amazing albums but other weeks some are just ehhh…Nocturnes is a heavily synthesized album with a hauntingly beautiful voice (I need to start learning the names of the people in band…) This 10-track album is perfect for that time of the night where you are walking home alone and enjoying the cool weather and the silence of the night. I can definitely imagine hearing some of these songs in a club, these are some good tracks to just close your eyes too! There is a “sexiness” to the songs…lol I’m not sure if you would get what I mean but I guess I mean that some of the songs have this sultry feeling to it (listen to ‘Broken Record’) One of my ultimate favourite songs on this album is ‘Beat Beat’ because it is so groovy!! Honestly if there is only one song you need to listen to, it would be ‘Beat Beat’…it’s upbeat and I’m positive that your body will be moving with the song! Take a listen to the whole album 🙂
Broken Record
Beat Beat
Every Night I Say A Prayer
All of You
Favourite Songs:
Beat Beat
Stream Nocturnes (via Pitchfork Advance)



Author: Lola Hum

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