Free Download — Wild Cub: “Thunder Clatter (Saint Pepsi Remix)”

I really love how there is that corner of the electronic music scene where they are bringing back disco and funk remixes. One of my favourite from this scene is Saint Pepsi and you can get this amazing, funky remix of Wild Cub’s “Thunder Clatter”. I’m actually quite bipolar on disco/funk music because I either really like the song or I hate it but I have loved every single one of Saint Pepsi’s songs and remixes so I’m seriously getting into it. Take a listen down below and chill out to some good vibes.


Free Download — Sea Glasses: ‘Beach Glass’


Happy Friday everyone! I mentioned in an earlier post that this week’s Free Download Friday is rather small but I have a few amazing ones to link up. The first one is technically 11 free downloads but anyway, you can download Beach Glass by Sea Glasses. I thought this album was perfect for a Friday afternoon so I saved it up all week for today! Grab a beer or lemonade and chill out in your own backyard with this album because this is perfect for those hazy summer afternoons for being lazy. I’m a pretty big fan of the ambient side of music because it feels so psychedelic-y and I could just fall asleep to it. Take a listen and don’t forget to support the band, even a few dollars make a big difference!

On Sea Glasses bandcamp, you can also download their other albums for free as well.

Download Beach Glass (via Bandcamp)

Free Download — Highness: ‘Gaea (Strings)’


Thursday is such a tease for the weekend =.= but I feel extremely lazy today so I probably won’t do anymore write ups but I will squeeze in a Free Download for today. I thought it would be nice to share a band similar to The Red Hot Chili Peppers because we’re almost done with school and getting ready for summer. Only available for a week, you can download Highness’s ‘Gaea (Strings)’ for free. This song is just alternative rock and if you like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this is a great song for you. I do consider some the Red Hot Chili Peppers songs to have a more alt rock beach vibe but with ‘Gaea’, it’s simply just a great alt rock song. Enjoy 🙂

ps. small Free Download Friday tomorrow

Download ‘Gaea (Strings)’ (via Insound)

Stream — Rogue Wave: ‘Nightingale Floors’

It has been a long time since I’ve listened to Rogue Wave…I believe the last time I listened to them was back in 2007 when their track ‘Lake Michigan’ was a pretty big hit but I haven’t been following this band as close. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are releasing a new album Nightingale Floors soon because ‘Lake Michigan’ is definitely one of my favourite folky sounding songs. I took a listen to this album via Pitchfork Advance and I really like it. I don’t really know any other songs by this band but I’ll probably start keeping up with their music because there are some amazing tracks on this record. Take a listen down below and if you know any other songs by this band, shoot me a comment below because I’d love to hear more songs by Rogue Wave.
Rogue Wave will be playing with Hey Marseilles on July 20 at the El Rey Theatre. Both are great mellow folk bands so you can hit two birds with one stone at this show 🙂
Favourite Tracks:

Figured It Out
The Closer I Get

Stream Nightingale Floors (via Pitchfork Advance)
Official Site

Spotlight — Giraffage

This week’s Spotlight piece is on one of my favourite, Giraffage (real name Charlie Yin)! If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning, you’ll probably know that I had a Giraffage phase (I still have this phase!) because his music is seriously some of the best music that I’ve listened to in 2012-2013. I recently read an interview he did and found out that he is Taiwanese American so shout out to that because I’m also a Taiwanese American (link of the interview below). 
I really don’t know how I found out about Giraffage but after two of his songs, I was hooked onto his music in a heartbeat. For a few months already, I’ve been hooked onto the glo-fi/chillwave/lo-fi scene of music with music from XXYYXX, Slow Magic, Blackbird Blackbird, and everybody else who rocks because this music makes me feel like I’m on the clouds without a thing to worry about. I’ve seen several videos of Giraffage and all the amazing artists that I mentioned above do a DJ set/show and I seriously need to hit one of those shows…the only problem is that most of these shows are either 18+ or 21+…I have seriously missed two shows with Giraffage near the LA area with other amazing artists which makes me slightly sad but hopefully I’ll be able to see them live one day.
Bottom line, I hope that Giraffage gets more attention because he deserves every ounce of it. His remixes are so smooth and it’ll make your day slightly less depressing. I have described many of his songs to ‘the sound of falling in love’. I haven’t met him in real life but I would love to because he seems like one of the chillest people on the internet judging by his Tumblr and Twitter. He always has the funniest things to post so I really hope I can go to one of his shows some day. Have a somewhat decent Wednesday and check out Giraffage!
Check out his 45 Min Boiler Room Set and Download the MP3 via Soundcloud…
P.S. He has some rad clothes

45 Min Giraffage Boiler Room Set Download (via Soundcloud)
Interview w/ Giraffage (via Indecent Exposure)
Download Needs (via Bandcamp)
Soundcloud (more downloads here)

Stream — Gold Panda: ‘We Work Nights’

I suppose we are in the age of electronic music…not that I’m complaining because I love my electronic music! Gold Panda is going to be releasing Half of Where You Live on June 11 and he released the track ‘We Work Nights’ yesterday. There is something eerie about ‘We Work Nights’ but it’s kind of that weirdness that you’re strangely attracted to and you can’t pinpoint why…
Gold Panda is definitely one of producers that I’ve been following out of the UK (it seems like there are a lot of young producers making a name these days) but it’s nice to finally hear some of his new stuff! After his LP comes out, he will be touring throughout summer in the UK and in North America. He will be in LA on 9/20 in the Fonda Theatre. I’ll put more details on my weebly page soon (link above under tour dates)

Free Download — My Tribe Your Tribe: ‘My Tribe Your Tribe’

Happy Wednesday?!!? I know that we’re all just dying for school to end but I do have an amazing 3-track album for you to download! Hailing down from Ireland, My Tribe Your Tribe released their self-titled album about a month ago. I would call this album more on the lo-fi/synth genre of the music scene because it does have the fast beat of EDM but it isn’t so much ‘night club’ music but more like a ‘chill at home’ vibe. This three-track album was produced and recorded by George Merced and what I like about this album is how smooth the tracks are. Sometimes I have nothing but the radio to listen to and a lot of the electronic music that I listen to are really staccato-y and jumpy, which can be nice at times but I do prefer smoother mixes. Take a listen and if you like it, download it! Remember that even as few dollars of donation always helps the artists!