Stream The Appleseed Cast’s “Illumination Ritual”

So maybe you can guess by now that I like to check as many albums out as I can via Pitchfork Advance. Our second album today is The Appleseed Cast’s Illumination Ritual. Right off the bat, the first that I listened to off of this record is already fantastic. As I went through the whole record, I slowly feel in love with this band (I’ll try very hard not to cyber-stalk the band members like I do with Vampire Weekend). In every song, the band gives me this haunting reminiscent feel that kind of scares me but at the same time I am addicted to this feeling. I am actually falling in love with this band after listening to them for a good 20 minutes (that has to mean they’re awesome!) This band honestly has it all, great vibes to the song, solid beats, just perfect! I can’t say anything more except you have to check it out for yourself and see why I am falling in love. This record will be out on April 23rd and I am super super super excited.
I don’t have any favourite tracks off this album because I love them all equally the same! It’s too hard to only select a few!
Adriatic To Black Sea
Great Lake Derelict
Simple Forms
Cathedral Rings
30 Degrees 3 AM
Branches on the Arrow Peak Revelation
Barrier Islands (De We Remain)
North Star Ordination
Clearing Life
Listen to Illumination Ritual (via Pitchfork Advance)

Author: Lola Hum

I am not real...or at least not who you think I am, merely a figment of my own imagination. If you stumbled upon this blog...I can only wonder how.

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