Stream Hooded Fang’s ‘Graves’

Is it just me or are there a lot of summer songs being released right now? Another beach-time song that I’ve been listening to is Hooded Fang’s ‘Graves’ which has that California beach vibe, somewhat similar to Bleached. I honestly thought this was a California band but I searched them up online and found out that they are from Toronto, Canada! But if you are already craving some music for the beach, take a listen to ‘Graves’ and get that summer playlist started! I’ll probably be making my summer playlist so we can all jam out together (you can bet you’ll hear Hooded Fangs, Best Coast, Bleached, ect.)
Hooded Fangs will be playing in LA on Friday, June 21 at the Viper Room
Stream ‘Graves’ (via PORTALS)



Free Download – Cheers Elephant ‘Like Wind Blows Fire’

One of the most underrated bands that I listen to Cheers Elephant! Today’s free download is their record from May 2012: Like Wind Blows Fire. There songs are relatively upbeat and perfect for just chilling out in the sun. One of my favourite tracks is ‘Doin’ It Right’; it has this super grooving vibe to it that never fails to keep my feet tapping! There are some very different sounding tracks but I think when you listen to the whole album, there is a very relaxed vibe thorough out that kind of ties the whole bands style back together: music to chill out to! If you don’t want to download the whole album, you should take a listen to some of my favourite tracks off of the record and download the ones that you like! I hope that they release some new tracks soon because I could definitely use some music to chill out to right now!
Favourite Tracks:
Doin’ It Right
Like Wind Blows Fire
Balloon in the City

Stream Childhood’s ‘Solemn Skies’

For the fans of Deerhunter and/or Real Estate, you must check out Childhood! Personally, I find Childhood to be more like Real Estate than Deerhunter but I do hear the similarities that Childhood has with Deerhunter. As of now, Childhood has two songs out on their Soundcloud: ‘Solemn Skies’ and ‘Haltija’. Both are fantastic songs and I don’t think I could say which one that I like better! Both tracks have their own appeal but ‘Haltija’ has more of the Real Estate vibe and ‘Solemn Skies’ leans towards more Deerhunter vibe so I guess it just depends which sort of band style you like better. Personally, I love both bands so I can’t choose! This band is going on my to-watch list and I can’t wait to hear more songs from this band! I definitely recommend you guys to go check out this band.


Stream tracks from Spectrals’ upcoming record

It’s been quite some time since I’ve heard new music from Spectrals and I am excited to say that they will be releasing Sob Story EP on June 18. This is a 12-track LP and you can already stream two tracks off of this record: ‘Milky Way’ and ‘A Heartbeat Behind’. One of my favourite songs by this band is ‘Get A Grip’ and I can kind of hear similar sounds from their old and new songs. I do feel a more mellowed out vibe from the ‘Milky Way’ but in ‘A Heartbeat Behind’, Spectrals goes back to upbeat beach-ready vibe that makes them so unique! Take a listen to both tracks down below and get ready for the summer with ‘A Heartbeat Behind’ 🙂
Soundcloud (stream ‘Milky Way’ here)

Free Download – The Dimes’ ‘The King Can Drink The Harbour Dry’

So as my readers may know, I love love love my folk music (Mumford & Sons are too hipster now)…super lucky for me, I have found a new band to fall in love with: The Dimes! I checked out their music via Bandcamp and found out that I can download their album The King Can Drink The Harbour Dry for free! This amazing 12-track record will be my muse during the winter time…honestly, winter time is the ultimate time to listen to folk music. Like their Twitter bio, I’m very happy to find that the Dimes is similar to Iron & Wine (he is one of my favourite solo performers) but they also remind me little bit of Matt Pond PA as well…I know I know they’re kind of different but something about the two bands have similar qualities in my opinion! Check out their music and if you like, you can grab their newest record for free!
Favourite Tracks:
Save Me, Clara
Walden and the Willow Tree
Abigail, Don’t Be Long
Boston (Trimountaine)

Derby Sunshine — 80s Flashback

Sorry for the super late posts the last few days but I’ve been getting home really late at night. Another great band that I just listened to is Derby Sunshine! The first song that I listened to by this band is ‘Bedford’ and what I really like about this song is that it really sounds like one of those songs you hear at an 80s prom where the two teens are slow dancing — it could be in a Molly Ringwald movie! I chortled a little when I saw their Twitter because in their description, they wrote ‘nostalgic pop’ and I am definitely craving my 80s movies right now! Nonetheless, this is a great band who really knows how to incorporate electro into their music to make some nostalgic 80s music! Check out some of my favourite songs by Derby Sunshine down below, all of which can be found on their Soundcloud.
Favourite Tracks:
The Milky Way
Stream ‘Bedford’ (via Soundcloud)


Stream Fireworks Over London’s ‘FOL’

I’ve been a bit behind on all my reviews, especially for my dear Twitter followers! So today, I would like to start off by reviewing a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee: Fireworks over London. The very first song that I listen to by a band is a very important moment for me because it’s really a make it or break it deal. So as they say, first impressions are very important. The very first song that I listened to by Fireworks Over London is ‘Summer Nights’ and right off the bat, I’m already liking the vibe of this band. I feel like the band is more similar to a rock version of Coldplay but as I listened through their set, they really do have their own distinct sound. There songs include a huge mix of alternative rock, modern pop, and to my favourite: garage rock! Check out some of my favourite tracks by the band and go listen to their music! You can stream their songs via Soundcloud.
Favourite Tracks:
Summer Nights
Blood Mary