Generational’s “Heza” Out April 2nd

Generationals is definitely a band that I love to kill time with. They have some upbeat tracks with some killer electronic samples added in. I was super stoked to see that they are releasing their second album because I already have their first and it’s been quite some time since they came out with some new music. I was super duper happy to see that I can stream their new album online to check it out and I am absolutely happy with their new album. I don’t think that I can choose which songs are my favourites because I am in love with this whole record. I can’t really say anything more besides the fact that this record is absolutely fantastic and you just have to hear it yourself. The record will be out April 2nd which is coming up soon and I’m positive that it’ll be worth your money so go buy it!

Free Download – Motherhood’s “Murdering EP”

One of my favourite less known bands in the UK scene is Jonquil and they have some pretty groovy tracks but coming from the same record company, Blessing Force, is Motherhood. They released their newest EP, Murdering, for free on bandcamp and I decided to check them out because I absolutely loveee Jonquil (I’ll probably do a review of their record Point of Go sometime next week…or today). Motherhood has a very different sound from Jonquil and they are a bit more on the soft electronic pop-ish sound, a little bit like the xx but with a little bit more jazz-ish sound to it. My two favourite tracks off of this EP is “Heat Within Mourning” and “Otherman”. “Otherman” has a very sexy late night jazz club feel to it with girls in slinky dresses that I am absolutely in love with. “Heat Within Mourning” has a lighter feel to it that kind of makes it feel like I’m floating on air. It reminds me a bit of house music and it reminded a bit of Late Night Alumni. I am absolutely in love with this band so check them out and grab their EP for free! Links down below :-)!
Twitter (Blessing Force)
SoundCloud (Blessing Force)

Free Download — Beach Fossils: “Careless”

There hasn’t been a single Beach Fossils song that I haven’t liked and this album continues my growing love for this band. Every single track is flipping amazing. I don’t understand why I’m seeing reviews on previous records of people complaining that their songs sound the same. All of them need to go suck a fuck because Beach Fossils sounds absolutely perfect the way they are so why the hell are they complaining? It’s the way they play, it’s their style. Honestly, what the hell do people want. Some are complaining on how a band’s sound is changing and then some complain about how there isn’t enough change. Just shut the hell up and if you like the music, listen to it. If you don’t, take your problems somewhere else and listen to whatever music you like. Sorry for the rant but bottom line is that this album is bomb and well worth the $10 (although I should have bought it as a CD instead of on iTunes).
Listen to my favourite tracks:
In Vertigo (feat. Kazu Makino)
Crashed Out
Generational Synthetic
You can download “Careless” off of this album here

Lemâitre’s “Relativity 3”

Electronic music is muse and Lemâitre is one of ultimate favourite electronic bands. I started listening to them in the 8th grade (I think it was around 2010 or 2011) when their The Friendly Sound EP came out and it was flipping bomb! I think I listened to that EP for the next two weeks but I’ve been following their music ever since then. Like the title, this is the third Relativity and the first two were pretty kickass so I was super excited to buy this today. I have to say that they outdid themselves once again because I am in loveee with this record. One of my favourite things about this band is that you can stream practically ALL their songs on their Soundcloud which is pretty sweet. My all time favourite song on this record is “Cut to Black”, partially because I play the piano and it’s nice to actually hear the piano parts in the song rather than have it heavily synthesized like most people do these days. The whole record is fun and upbeat, perfect for clubbing or chillaxing with friends at home. Links down below and please please please support them!


Stream — Island Cassettes: “Navajo”

Are UK bands always just slightly better? Island Cassettes is an indie folk-ish band from Britain that I have fallen in love with. Their singe “Navajo” is on Soundcloud and I’ve been listening to it nonstop for the past week. Like the name of the band, it has that island-ish music feel to it that reminds me of Hawaii and just relaxing in the sun. Since it’s almost summer time, you guys should definitely check out Island Cassettes and just chill out at the beach or a pier and watch the sunset! 

New Find – The Henry Clay People

One of my favourite new finds is The Henry Clay People which I found through FILTER magazine! Basically, they are teaming up with Onitsuka Tiger to create 10 videos to help upcoming bands (I’ll link up their YouTube below). They have supported The Lonely Wild, Wildcat! Wildcat!, and Youngblood Hawke and they are all pretty awesome bands from different genres of music. The Henry Clay people is more under the “indie” rock genre with a very upbeat vibe that is perfect for the summertime!

Official Site

Free Download – Ian Fisher & The Present “Why Do I Go”


If only it is winter time, this song would be absolutely perfect. This folk duo has me dreaming about those cold winter nights and drinking a hot cup of chocolate while watching some classic cartoons. Fisher is actually in three different bands (the past, the present, and the future); today, their single “Why Do I Go” is available for free on and the link is included down below. I’m usually not too hyped up about folk but with all the emerging folk bands coming out, I start to see the appeal and Ian Fisher definitely just sealed away my love for folk!

Free Download on Spinner